Elmhurst Dental Implant Dentist Gives Tips on Extending the Life of Your Dental Implant Replacement

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Sep 9, 2012


If you’ve ever experienced adult tooth loss, you probably never want to have to deal with the hassle and embarrassment of living with and incomplete smile again. Dental implants are an ideal tooth replacement option for many patients, because they feel and look natural, and with proper care they can last for over a decade.

Dental implant utilize the latest technology to give patients suffering from tooth loss natural looking, long lasting replacement teeth. Dental implants are comprised of a metal screw, which is embedded into the jawbone, and then a dental restoration that is placed on top. The dental screw insures that your implant stays in place and is fully functional, while the restoration restores your smile’s appearance.

Once you have your dental implant or implants, you’ll want to take care of them to help extend their viability. With proper care, you’ll find that your implants can keep you smiling for years and years.

So what can you do to care for your dental implants?

Clean your implants thoroughly—Because dental implants are permanently embedded into your jawbone, you do not remove them to clean them. Rather, brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth clean and plaque-free. You can also use a mouthwash if you’d like to freshen your breath regularly. During the day, you can rinse your teeth with water to clean debris from your teeth and to minimize plaque build up.

Treat Bruxism promptly—Bruxism is a common condition in which patients habitually grind or clench their teeth. Many patients don’t realize that they’re doing this, because they do it as they sleep. Bruxism can be harmful to dental implants, and over time this habit can cause dental implants to weaken or crack. Your dentist can help you treat Bruxism with dental aligners, so if you think you’re suffering from Bruxism, seek treatment for this condition before you undergo dental implant treatment.

As you can see, dental implants are fairly easy to care for. Take these simple steps to care for you implants and help preserve them. Give our Elmhurst dental implant dental office a call to learn more about dental implant treatment or to schedule an appointment.