Elmhurst Dentist Offers Solutions To Bruxism Related Problems

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Mar 8, 2016

Keeping your smile healthy requires more than just taking steps toward cavity prevention. Another issue that can really take a toll on a patient’s oral health is chronic bruxism. If you want to learn more about what bruxism is, and how it can affect oral health, keep reading this short article from our Elmhurst dentists!

Let’s start by briefly reviewing what bruxism is. Bruxism refers to the habit of chronically grinding or clenching one’s teeth. This behavior often pops up in the day during times of stress. However, many people grind and clench their teeth at night for a number of reasons, including poorly aligned bites.

If you are grinding and clenching your teeth, you’ll likely suffer with:

· Tooth sensitivity upon waking

· Jaw pain, and exacerbated TMJ dysfunction

· Weakened dental enamel over time

· Increased instances of dental damage and infection

In order to keep these issues in check, it is very important that you seek professional treatment for bruxism as soon as possible. The goals of bruxism treatment are to:

Minimize dental grinding and clenching by addressing the root cause of the dysfunction. If you grind your teeth due to stress, our team may recommend some stress-reduction techniques to help relax your jaw. If, on the other hand, you have an underlying bite or jaw problem, we will work to bring your mouth into better alignment.

Mouthpieces that are designed specifically to address bruxism help to keep the patient’s jaw in a comfortable position as he or she sleeps, and protects the dental enamel from tooth-to-tooth contact.

If you think that you may be suffering from bruxism, our Elmhurst dentists are here to help you get the treatment that you need. Call our dental team when you are ready to get started, or use our website to reach out to our office!