A Strong Smile Starts Early: Learn More from Our Elmhurst Pediatric Dentist

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jun 28, 2022

Many parents and caregivers contact our Elmhurst pediatric dentists with questions about how to care for their children’s smiles. In many respects, pediatric dental care is quite similar to dental care for adults. However, there are some key differences to keep in mind as you help your child get the preventive and restorative care they need.

Like adult patients, pediatric dental patients need to combine at-home oral hygiene with professional care in order to maintain strong smiles. Most young patients should be completing professional dental cleanings every six months, as recommended by the ADA. Your child’s dentist will let you know if your child needs to be on a different schedule for professional cleanings.

When it comes to at-home dental care, there are a few things that we try to emphasize with our pediatric patients:

  • You need to brush your teeth every morning and every night—no skipping!
  • When you clean your smile, try to brush for at least two minutes—you may want to set a timer or listen to a 2-minute song to help you keep track
  • It’s important to brush as gently as possible—you don’t want to apply too much pressure, as this can actually lead to gum tissue damage and enamel erosion

Regularly scheduled professional dental cleanings will help your child avoid gum disease and dental cavities, and allow him or her to get prompt treatment when problems do arise. Your child’s dentist may additionally recommend treatments like topical fluoride applications or sealants in order to further strengthen and safeguard your child’s oral health.

You really want to help your child retain his or her primary teeth until they naturally fall out. Losing baby teeth prematurely can make it more difficult for children to develop healthy speech patterns, and it can make it more difficult for adult teeth to emerge later on.

If you need more information about dental care in general, or dentistry for children, in particular, our Elmhurst pediatric dentists are here to help! Give us a call when you are ready to get started.