Relaxation Dentistry in Elmhurst, IL

Don’t let fear and anxiety keep you from achieving the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

At Scharfenberg Dental we offer soothing sedation dentistry to keep you calm and comfortable in the dentist’s chair!

Why so many Elmhurst patients trust Scharfenberg Dental for sedation dentistry:

Sedation Options to Fit Your Life

Our Elmhurst dental office offers a number of different sedation treatments to fit your life and your dental procedure. Depending on your needs you may benefit from…

  • Our Thoughtfully Designed Soothing Office—during treatment our patients relax with calming music, cozy blankets, and compassionate staff.
  • (Laughing Gas)—this safe and effective sedation option helps patients feel relaxed during treatment. If you choose this, you’ll simply breath through a mask until you reach an appropriate level of sedation. The effects of laughing gas are reversed in about 5 minutes post-treatment. 
  • Oral Conscious Sedation—this sedation option provides a deeper level of sedation than nitrous oxide. If you choose oral sedation, you’ll take a pill about an hour before your appointment. This medication—Triazolam—will make you feel calm and drowsy (so you’ll need a ride to and from your appointment). You will not feel pain during treatment, and you probably won’t remember much of your appointment once you’re home.

Our Elmhurst dentists will help you determine what kind of sedation is appropriate for you. We’ll walk you through the treatment process to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

Learn More about Oral Conscious Sedation!

When you undergo oral conscious sedation, you’ll take a pill—called Triazolam—about an hour before you undergo dental treatment. This medication will help you:

  • Feel calm and relaxed as you head to the dentist’s office
  • Drift peacefully through treatment
  • Stay comfortable and pain-free during your dental procedure
  • Recover from treatment with few or no memories of your appointment

Oral conscious sedation is appropriate for many different patients. This useful sedation option helps patients who have:

  • Dental fear and anxiety
  • Trouble getting numb with traditional anesthesia
  • Complex dental problems
  • Limited time to complete dental care

Oral conscious sedation is extremely safe—this sedation method has been used safely and successfully for over 30 years. Although you’re never unconscious with oral sedation—you’ll still be able to respond to directions from our dental team—we’ll monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level throughout treatment. Because oral conscious sedation will make you drowsy, you do need to have a ride to and from your dental appointment.

Feel free to contact our office to learn even more about what oral conscious sedation can do for you!

State-of-the-Art Technology

We utilize the latest technology to ensure that your sedation treatments are comfortable and safe. From start to finish you’ll benefit from the best sedation treatment available.

  • Discover the Difference of Syrijet
    Using revolutionary Syrijet needle-free technology, we administer local anesthesia through a concentrated burst of air. Syrijet is ideal for both children and adults—especially those patients who suffer from needle anxiety.
  • Oral Sedation Safety Measures
    When you choose oral sedation, you’ll be monitored throughout treatment by our sedation dental team. We use a computerized pulse oximeter to continually measure your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels

We use innovative dental technology to ensure that you receive the highest quality dental care available.

Dental Spa Dental Therapy—Natural Relaxation Dentistry

OraSpa Dental Therapy - Elmhurst, IL.

In addition to nitrous oxide and oral sedation treatments, we also offer Dental Spa Therapy options. Dental Spa Therapy combines…

  • Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupressure
  • Music therapy
  • Chiropractic treatments

This innovative treatment protocol provides patients with an exceptionally luxurious dental experience. Dental Spa Therapy is an ideal way for patients to get the anxiety-free dental care they need in a calm and relaxed state.

Dental Spa Therapy works to:

  • Support total body wellness through natural treatments
  • Reduce chronic inflammatory response
  • Lower blood pressure

If you’re looking for a way to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair without medication, Dental Spa Therapy is for you!

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