Elmhurst Sedation Dentist Explains How Relaxation Treatments Are Used In Dentistry

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jun 19, 2018

Advancements in dental technology are continually improving the patient experience, as well as treatment outcomes. Sedation dentistry, in particular, is opening up all kinds of possibilities for patients who were otherwise dentistry avoidant.

Our Elmhurst sedation dentists offer a number of different relaxation options. When you come in to meet with our team, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what type sedation is right for you. In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of popular types of sedation:

Nitrous Oxide

This type of sedation is often referred to as “laughing gas,” because it can make you feel happy and giggly. Before treatment, once you’re in the dentist’s chair, you’ll simply inhale laughing to start relaxing. Many patients love nitrous oxide because it is effective, non-invasive, and the effects wear off naturally in a short period of time.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Many people who are too anxious to even make it to their appointments, can benefit from oral conscious sedation. This treatment allows you to start relaxing before you even get to our office. About an hour before your appointment is scheduled to begin, you’ll take a small dentist-prescribed pill at home. You’ll need someone to get you to your appointment, because you’ll already be under the effects of sedation by the time your appointment starts. As the name suggests, you’ll never actually be unconscious during your appointment, but due to the medication’s amnesic effects, you likely won’t remember any your appointment once the sedative effects wear off.

Dental Spa Therapy

Dental Spa Therapy offers an all-natural alternative to other relaxation treatments. Using acupressure, muscle manipulation, chiropractic care, aromatherapy, and more, our team can keep you calm and comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

If you think that sedation treatment may be right for you, our Elmhurst sedation dentists are here to give you all of the information and support that you need to move forward. Give us a call to get started!