Common Complications of TMJ Disorder Explained By Our Elmhurst TMJ Dentist

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Oct 2, 2014

Common Complications of TMJ Disorder Explained By Our Elmhurst TMJ Dentist

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a serious problem for many people. Along with the inconveniences that are commonly associated with TMJ problems, there are a number of lesser known complications that can pop up. This article will give your more information about these complications so that you can look out for them in your daily life.

The first thing that our Elmhurst TMJ dentists want to explain is how TMJ problems can contribute to chronic pain. When your jaw joint is not functioning well, you might experience:

· Headaches

· Neck pain

· Ear pain (TMJ discomfort can actually radiate up from the jaw to the ear)

· Tooth pain

Additionally, TMJ problems may cause your smile to weaken and wear down. This is because patients with TMJ problems often change their natural bite patterns and end up chronically grinding their teeth.

· This might cause some of your teeth to wear down prematurely

· Your dental enamel may weaken and become more prone to cavities

· Chronic dental grinding and clenching can also cause you to chip or fracture a tooth

TMJ dysfunction can also intensify to damage healthy jaw mobility. This is one category that can really hamper normal functioning and make it difficult to live your daily life.

· Your jaw might feel like it gets “stuck” when you try to open your mouth too far

· It may become difficult for you to chew tough foods

· You might feel or hear a clicking and popping noise when you move your jaw vertically or horizontally

In order to prevent these types of issues, you need to find a TMJ treatment that works for you. Our Elmhurst TMJ dentist can help you do just this! So give us a call to schedule a consultation and get started right away.