Could Sedation Dentistry Help You In The Dentist’s Chair? Our Elmhurst Dentists Help You Decide

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jan 4, 2018

Could Sedation Dentistry Help You In The Dentist’s Chair? Our Elmhurst Dentists Help You Decide

One of the most serious hurdles that many dental patients have to overcome is psychological stress and anxiety. Our Elmhurst dentists have the treatments our patients need to stay well for the long-term, but it can often be a struggle to even get the patient into the dentist’s chair! That’s where sedation and relaxation dentistry can come into play, and really help the patient get the treatments that they need.

There are a number of different types of sedation treatments available. These treatments are designed to suit different patients, as well as various treatment plans. When you meet with our dental team, we’ll assess your smile, and give you some recommendations on what type of sedation may be most beneficial for you.

Nitrous oxide sedation is commonly called “laughing gas.” When many people think of dental sedation, this is what comes to mind. In order to benefit from nitrous oxide, one most simply inhale the nitrous oxide formulation through a face mask. Almost immediately the patient begins to feel calmer and even a little giggly. Many times, nitrous is used as the first step in dental care; once the patient is calm and relaxed our team can get to work!

Another sedation option is called oral conscious sedation. This treatment is unique in that you actually start to benefit from oral conscious sedation before you even get to the dentist’s office. About an hour before your appointment, you’ll take a small pill, which will help you feel calm and confident. Another benefit of oral conscious sedation is that this treatment has an amnesic effect, so you likely won’t remember any of the appointment once you’re all done.

Our Elmhurst sedation dentists also offer Dental Spa Therapy which is all-natural and medication-free. This treatment combines acupressure, chiropractic care, and massage to relax the patient. Dental Spa Therapy also uses aromatherapy and music therapy to lull the patient into a soothing stage of pre-sleep.

For many people, sedation dentistry has truly been life changing. Please feel free to contact our Elmhurst sedation dentists for more information and to schedule a personal consultation!