Elmhurst Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist Meets Your Needs With Dental Bonding

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jun 3, 2014

Don’t give up on your smile just because you’ve started to notice signs of dental damage or discoloration. One, incredibly simple, dental treatment may be able to repair your smile in just one dental appointment. We’re talking about dental bonding!

Today our Elmhurst dentists are giving you more information about how dental bonding is able to meet the needs of many types of patients. Keep reading to get a better idea of whether you might be a dental bonding success story!

Dental bonding is a really quick and comfortable process, during which our dentist covers or repairs your tooth with dental resin. Dental resin is a great material for this treatment because it adheres to the dental tissue, is quite malleable, and can be shaded to suit many different dental shades.

This treatment is a great option for patients who want to:

· Repair cracks or chips in their dental enamel

· Lighten the appearance of damaged or dull teeth

· Make teeth look slightly wider or longer

· Even out a slightly misaligned bite surface

The good news is that once the dental bonding is complete, you will be able to continue on with your regular routine right away. Dental bonding blends in with your natural teeth, so when people see your teeth, all they will see is a fresh, whole smile.

Best of all, dental bonding is very quick and efficient to complete. Generally, our team is able to restore a patient’s smile with dental bonding in just one dental appointment.

Dental cracks and chips are not only unsightly; they also leave your teeth vulnerable to further damage. So take the proactive steps that you need in order to protect your smile for the future.

If you have dental concerns with which you are currently struggling, our Elmhurst cosmetic dentist office is here to help you in any way possible.