Elmhurst Cosmetic Dentist Explains How We Ensure Positive Cosmetic Results

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Feb 11, 2014

When patients come into our Elmhurst cosmetic dentist office, they entrust our dental team to improve their teeth. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we do everything possible to ensure that our patients love their post-treatment smiles. Let’s talk a little bit more about how our dental team collaborates with patients in order to help patients meet their dental goals.

1. Getting to know you

Successful treatment processes begin with our dental team talking with our patients to get to know them. You have a dream smile in mind, and our dental team wants to understand exactly what this smile looks like—that is the only way that we can tailor your dental treatment to fit you.

2. Review results

Our dentist will show you past results that our dental team has been able to achieve. Looking at before and after pictures will not only help you understand what each cosmetic treatment does, it will also help you visualize potential changes to your own smile.

3. Putting it all together

Once we figure out what treatment may be best for you, our dental team can create a mock-up of your post-treatment smile. You’ll have a chance to review this mock-up, and talk about what you like and dislike about it. This is the part of the treatment process in which we can really refine your treatment results.

All of this preliminary work allows our dental team to confidently transform your teeth with cosmetic dentistry treatments. You will have increased peace of mind, knowing exactly what you can expect from the treatment process and from your final aesthetic results.

As a dentistry patient, you should never settle for a dental treatment that seems “one size fits all.” Customized treatment delivers stunning and long-lasting results. If you want more information about your dental options, our Elmhurst cosmetic dentist office is here for you!