Elmhurst Cosmetic Dentist Reviews How Syrijet Technology Keeps Patients Comfortable During Treatment

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on May 1, 2012

Our Elmhurst cosmetic dentists always put patient comfort first during general and cosmetic dentistry treatment. With modern dental technology, there’s no need to put off dental treatment out of fear or anxiety. Among the many techniques we use to keep patients comfortable, is innovative Syrijet technology.

Syrijet anesthetic technology allows us to painlessly administer anesthetics to patients without using traditional, uncomfortable needles. The Syrijet machine uses a concentrated jet of air to numb a targeted area of the mouth. The patient won’t have to endure an uncomfortable or anxiety-producing needle as they begin treatment.


Once Syrijet has numbed the area, our Elmhurst dentists can administer a secondary, longer-lasting anesthetic. We utilize Syrijet technology in conjunction with a number of cosmetic and general dentistry treatments. If you’re concerned about experiencing discomfort during treatment, talk to our dentists about your options with Syrijet technology.


Syrijet can be used safely with children and adults alike. This option is ideal for people with dental anxiety or a phobia of needles. The Syrijet machine is quiet and unobtrusive, so you can stay calm during treatment.


Working with our skilled and compassionate dental team, you really can get the treatment you need without the disadvantages of conventional treatment methods. Don’t put off the treatment you need, or the cosmetic enhancements you’ve been dreaming of, out of fear or anxiety. Give our Elmhurst dental office a call—we can give your more information, discuss your case in greater detail, and help you schedule a consultation with our team.