Elmhurst Cosmetic Dentist Reviews How To Avoid Tooth Discoloration

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jun 28, 2011

Our Elmhurst cosmetic dentists get the same request from patients day after day, week after week—“a whiter smile, please!” Our cosmetic dentists have multiple teeth whitening options to fit the needs of our patients. And today, I’m actually going to be reviewing some things that you can keep in mind in your daily life to help minimize tooth discoloration and perhaps avoid considerable enamel stains.


The truth is, there is no “normal” shade of whiteness for teeth—teeth are naturally shaded on a spectrum of whiteness and brightness. Therefore, some patients may be looking to whiten their natural tooth color, while other patients may want to restore their teeth to their base shade of whiteness. No matter which camp you fall into, certain environmental and biological factors can affect the color of your teeth.


Food and Drink: Deeply colored foods and drinks can stain tooth enamel and contribute to a dull smile. Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are popular drinks, but likely to cause discoloration. Additionally, red berries, juice, as well as red wine can stain enamel. Another substance likely to stain teeth is tobacco—chewing tobacco as well as cigarettes and cigars.  If you avoid these substances, or brush frequently after using them, you are less likely to experience tooth discoloration from environmental factors.


The Aging Process: When we are young, our teeth appear white because we have healthy and strong dental enamel. As we age, our dental enamel wears down and deteriorates—causing the darker dentin under the enamel to show through. This is why many people find that their teeth appear more yellow as they age. This is an inevitable process, but cosmetic dentists can use professional treatments to help you whiten your smile and reduce yellowing.

It’s no mystery why so many patients come into our office asking for rejuvenated, whiter smiles. A white, bright smile makes a patient appear young and vibrant (and now we understand why—young enamel is white!). Some stains are avoidable—those that are caused by food and drink—however, your teeth will naturally and unavoidably change color as you age. Our Elmhurst cosmetic dentists use a variety of in-office and at-home whitening treatments to address environmental and biological tooth discoloration. Give us a call if you have any questions or you’d like more information about cosmetic dentistry treatments—(630) 733-1624.