Elmhurst Cosmetic Dentist Talks About Goals In Aesthetic Dentistry

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Mar 20, 2021

When you work with our Elmhurst aesthetic dental team to improve your smile, we will work had to take everything into account—from appearance to functionality. Keep reading to learn more about key priorities in cosmetic dentistry. 

Establish a Strong Foundation

When our team begins building a treatment plan, we first consider an existing oral health issues that need to be fixed. We do this for two reasons:

  • Achieving aesthetic results without addressing dental health leaves your smile susceptible to additional damage down the road.
  • Many oral health problems can be effectively addressed with treatments that also improve dental aesthetics: consider dental bonding and porcelain veneers, for example.

Consider Proportions 

Transforming your smile is about more than simply improving the appearance of individual teeth. We are here to ensure that all of the various aspects of your smile work in harmony. Your gum tissue should appear even, and it should frame your teeth. If you have disproportionately large or small teeth, we can improve these proportions using dental bonding or porcelain restorations. The goal is to achieve a smile that appears well-designed and balanced.

Finishing Touches

Simple treatments, like professional dental whitening, can make a surprisingly big difference when it comes to the overall appearance of your smile. The potent whitening gels we use, for example, lift discoloration from the dental surface, and restore the tooth to its natural shade. By simply whitening and brightening your teeth you can take years off of the appearance of your smile. 

Ready to improve the appearance of your smile and take control of your oral health? Our Elmhurst cosmetic dentists are here to give you additional information and answer your questions. Give us a call to get started!