Elmhurst Dental Office Provides Preventative and Restorative Pediatric Treatment to Establish Good Habits

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Aug 14, 2012

Dental care is vitally important for patients of all ages—including children. Although children have “baby teeth,” which are not permanent, they still need professional dental care to keep their mouths healthy and to help them establish good habits. Our Elmhurst dental office provides treatment for children along with explanations to help them understand how to best clean their teeth.

When children first come into a dental office, they often feel some fear or trepidation of the unknown. Getting children started with dental care early will help them feel confident going to the dentist throughout life. It will also help them establish strong dental hygiene habits, which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The first thing that children learn from our dentists is how to brush correctly. They learn how to move their brush to effectively clean teeth, and how long they should brush in the morning and at night. Children will also learn about the importance of flossing and seeing the dentist regularly.

By beginning strong dental hygiene treatment as a child, pediatric patients can avoid developing gum disease and chronic infections of oral tissues. These kind of oral infections can take a toll on a patient’s teeth, breath, and overall dental health. It is much easier to keep a clean, fresh smile if you begin preventative care at a young age.

If you’re looking for dental care for your children, make sure to choose a practice that is used to working with children and capable of helping them feel calm and confident. Our Elmhurst dentists have years of experience with pediatric dentistry, and we’re trained to meet the needs of young patients. Give us a call to learn more about dental care in general or pediatric dentistry in particular!