Elmhurst Dental Team Shares Info On Optimizing Daily Dental Routines

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Feb 2, 2021

When you are able to optimize and tweak your daily dental routine, you are better able to combat harmful acids and bacteria that attack your smile. Here are a few tips from our Elmhurst dentists about ways you can get the most out of your everyday oral hygiene routine:

Refresh During The Day

Plaque and bacteria are continually—morning and night—building up in your mouth. You can be just as consistent about combating bacteria. Try to get into the habit of rinsing your mouth with water, after you eat or drink. And, if you do need to dislodge any food particles that are stuck in your teeth we encourage you to use floss, rather than pointy metal or wooden toothpicks.

Use an Appropriate Brush

The foundation of an effective oral hygiene routine is to brush for two minutes in the morning and at night before. Using the right brush for the job will help you cleans effectively without being too hard on your teeth and gums. Toothbrush bristles actually come in different levels of firmness—for most of us, a soft-bristle brush is the right choice.

Clean Strategically

There are particular times during the day and night at which your enamel is and softer than normal, and thus more vulnerable. For example, your teeth become temporarily de-mineralized after exposure to acidic foods or drinks. That’s why our dental team recommends that you wait for about 30 minutes after eating or drinking before you brush your teeth.

Optimize Your Flossing Routine

When you are choosing oral hygiene tools, look for a type of floss that works for your specific smile. One of the primary things to keep in mind is that you floss should be appropriately wide/ thick. It needs to be able to fit between all of your teeth, from the top of the crown down into the gum tissue.

Try incorporating a few of these measures into your current return, and start reaping the benefits! As always, you can reach out to our Elmhurst dentists if you have any questions or need additional guidance.