Elmhurst Dentist Answers Questions About Dental Care For Children

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Mar 26, 2024

Pediatric dental care can make a big difference to a patient’s dental health, both in the short and long term. Our Elmhurst family dentists have found that many parents and caregivers have questions about pediatric dental care; we are here to answer these questions and help you make the best decisions for your child’s smile!

Q: Do children need to undergo professional dental cleanings?

A: The short answer is, “yes!” The American Dental Association recommends that dental patients of all ages, including pediatric patients, complete professional cleanings every six months or so. These cleanings enable our dental team to clear away accumulated plaque and tartar, both of which lead to cavities, bad breath, and gum disease. Regularly scheduled appointments also allow our dentist to recommend prompt treatment for emerging oral health problems before these dental health issues become severe.

Q: What kinds of oral hygiene issues should I be emphasizing at home?

A: One of the best things that you can do for your child is to prioritize proper oral hygiene every single day. Encourage your child to clean his or her smile by brushing morning and night, and flossing every night. Consistency is key; don’t let your child skip days! Also, encourage your child to brush correctly; the goal is to brush for at least two minutes every time you brush, and to apply gentle pressure the entire time.

Q: What kinds of oral hygiene tools should kids be using?

A: When it’s time to pick a toothbrush, just make sure to help your child choose a toothbrush that fits comfortably in his or her mouth, and can reach his or her back molars. Also, keep in mind that using bristles that are too firm can actually lead to dental erosion—talk to your child’s dentist about whether soft, medium, or firm bristles are right for your child. Keep in mind that pediatric patients who are still prone to swallowing toothpaste should not be using toothpaste with fluoride.

Our Elmhurst dentists are here to answer any questions that you have about dental care for kids. Give us a call to speak to a member of our helpful team!