Elmhurst Dentist Discusses the Effects of Acidic Substances on Dental Enamel

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jan 14, 2014

As you may already know, the foods and drinks that you consume every day can, over time, take a toll on your smile. While your teeth may look bright and white in youth, as they age they can accumulate stains and actually start to wear down. One danger to your dental health is acid; when you consume foods and drinks with high acid content, you may be putting your smile at risk. Keep reading to get more information from our Elmhurst dentist office…

Your dental enamel (the hard, white outer layer of your tooth) is designed to protect the inner parts of your tooth. Enamel, therefore, is quite durable, and not very porous. However, acidic substances weaken dental enamel over time, making it more porous and thus more susceptible to infection.

What can you do?

The answer, obviously, isn’t to avoid acidic substances all together. After all, many fruits and vegetables (which are very good for you) contain higher levels of acid! Instead, try taking these simple steps to keep your teeth healthy:

· Brush your teeth about a half hour or an hour after you eat or drink

· If you cannot brush your teeth, try at least rinsing your mouth with plain water after eating or drinking

· Try not to snack or sip on acidic things for long periods throughout the day, as this will allow these substances to sit on your dental enamel all day

· Your dentist can let you know if you may need to use a specific toothpaste, mouth rinse, or in-office treatment to help fortify your enamel

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