Elmhurst Dentist Emphasizes Proper Gum Health and Oral Hygiene Routines

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Nov 15, 2016

Many patients pay close attention to their teeth: they look for changes in the way that their smiles look and feel. However, fewer people invest the same time and energy into looking after their gums.

Our Elmhurst dentists encourage all of our patients to make gum health a top priority, because you want to make sure that your smile has a healthy foundation. Infections that begin in the gum tissue can, over time, spread throughout your mouth. You may find that your connective tissues, teeth, and even jawbone tissues suffer as a result.

The same bacteria that cause cavities can infection your oral tissues and create disease. If your gum tissue is infected you may notice…

· Bleeding gums

· Sore gums

· Persistent bad breath

· Gum tissue that is pulling away from the tooth root

Over time gum disease can lead to all kinds of dental problems, including…

· Further gum tissue deterioration

· Infection spreading throughout the mouth

· Diminished jawbone density

· Tooth loss

Proper at-home and professional oral health care will help you minimize your risk of suffering from problematic gum disease. If you do develop this issue, our office provides treatments that will fight the ongoing infection, and help your oral tissues to heal again. Early gum disease is reversible—with timely treatment you can avoid many of the long-term issues associated with periodontal disease.

So, if you think that you’re struggling with poor gum health, please feel free to contact our Elmhurst dentists to schedule a personal consultation. This consultation will allow us to assess the current state of your smile, and give you specific treatment recommendations. Call our office to speak to a member of our team, or click over to our Contact Us page in order to submit your question and contact information!