Elmhurst Dentist Explains How And Why Tooth Sensitivity Develops

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on May 2, 2017

Dental sensitivity can make it more difficult for you to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, and to get through your normal daily routine. Sometimes, people experience dental pain and discomfort because they are battling oral health issues like dental cavities or periodontal disease. But what about sensitivity that seemingly develops out of nowhere? Today our Elmhurst dentists are giving you more information about the causes of chronic sensitivity. Let’s get started!

If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, then your dental enamel is not sufficiently protecting the inner layers of your teeth. The dentin and the dental pulp, both of which sit beneath the dental enamel, are more sensitive than enamel; they will produce pain if exposed.

· One reason that dental enamel wears down is due to acid erosion. Citrus fruits, fruit juices, soft drinks, wine, and more contain appreciable amounts of acid. When you eat and drink acidic substances your dental enamel is temporarily made softer, and thus susceptible to thinning.

· Another cause of enamel deterioration is Bruxism, or chronic dental grinding and clenching. Over time, the pressure caused by the tooth-to-tooth contact of bruxism causes dental enamel to wear away.

· Dental sensitivity may originate from the space where the tooth meets gum tissue. When gum tissue recedes, and begins to pull away from a tooth, the tooth root and nerves can become irritated.

In order to combat dental sensitivity, your dentist may recommend that you use topical numbing or pain management formulations. You may also benefit from treatments, toothpastes, or mouth rinses that work to strengthen enamel (usually with fluoride).

With all of the treatments and technologies available in modern dentistry, there is truly no reason to battle dental sensitivity alone. Our Elmhurst dentists are here to answer any questions you may have, and to guide you toward treatments that will meet your needs. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!