Elmhurst Dentist Explains How Bad Breath Develops and How Patients Can Take Steps to Prevent Halitos

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jun 25, 2012


Elmhurst Dentist Explains How Bad Breath Develops and How Patients Can Take Steps to Prevent Halitosis

When our patients come in to Elmhurst dental office for their regular semi-annual appointments, we always touch base with them about any changes that they’ve experienced in their dental healths, or any problems they’ve recently noticed. Many adult patients mention that they’ve experienced episodic periods of bad breath. Today we’re going to go through some reasons why patients experience bad breath, so that you can keep these causes in mind in your own life.

If you’re brushing and flossing twice a day and maintaining a schedule of regular professional dental cleanings, you’re already on your way to keeping your smile healthy and your breath fresh. If, however, you still notice that your breath smells less than fresh, here are some things that you can do.

1.     Add an antibacterial mouthwash into your daily routine. A mouthwash temporarily freshens breath, and these washes can kill bacteria that you’d otherwise miss with flossing and brushing.

2.     Take a look at your current stress level. Increased stress can decrease your saliva production, which can lead to bad breath. Saliva neutralizes harmful oral bacteria and remineralizes teeth, so you want to promote saliva production!

3.     Make sure that you’re drinking enough water and no skipping meals. Again both of these things can inhibit saliva production. This commonly happens when people begin diets. So if you start a diet, make sure that you still drink enough water and eat balanced meals—your body (including your mouth) will thank you!

As you can see, lifestyle changes can really affect your dental health. If you begin to notice that you’re suffering from bad breath, keep these potential causes of bad breath in mind. Sometimes all it takes is a little tweak to your dental health routine or your diet to freshen your breath!

If, however, you have existing gum disease or dental decay, you’ll probably need more direct care from a dentist in order to conquer bad breath. Give our Elmhurst dentists a call to schedule your personal consultation!