Elmhurst Dentist Explains How Oral Conscious Sedation Helps Patients Get Necessary Dental Treatment

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Dec 25, 2012

If you suffer from dental fear and anxiety, you’re not alone—this is a common problem among adult and patient children alike. It’s important to deal with these anxieties, however, because left unaddressed your dental health can suffer. The good news is that there are sedation treatments available to help you get and stay in the dentist’s chair. Our Elmhurst dentist office offers oral conscious sedation for anxious patients—today we’re going to talk about how oral conscious sedation works.

The oral conscious sedation process begins by taking a small pill, which we will prescribe to you in the appointment before you begin treatment. You’ll take this pill at home, and it will help to relax you before you make it to the dentist’s office. Because the oral conscious sedation pill is quite effective, you’ll need someone to bring you to the office.

During treatment you’ll feel calm and comfortable—in fact most patients report that they drift through treatment without feeling a thing. Although you’ll be conscious the entire time, you wont remember much of your visit by the time you get home. Using oral conscious sedation you can communicate with our dentists during treatment without suffering from pain or discomfort.

Oral conscious sedation is the latest sedation innovation—discover the difference of comfortable, anxiety-free dentistry. To speak to our Elmhurst dentists about your treatment options, schedule your consultation today! We can help you determine whether oral conscious sedation is right for your procedure. We’ll review your dental history and discuss your concerns about pursuing dental treatment.

If you’re a candidate, we’ll walk you through the treatment process step-by-step. If you want to learn more about relaxation dentistry, take a look at our relaxation dentistry page! You can also call our Elmhurst dentists to discuss the particularities of your case.