Elmhurst Dentist Explains The Benefits of Professional Dentistry for Children

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Apr 29, 2013

Laura recently called our Elmhurst dentist office with questions about dental care for her children. Laura has a 3 year old and a new baby, and she wasn’t sure how to care for their teeth, or how to get them started with professional dental treatments. Our dental team answered Laura’s questions, and today we’re sharing that same information with you. Read on to get the facts about family dentistry…

The first thing to consider is when your child should start receiving dental care.

· The American Dental Academy recommends that children have a professional dental appointment by the time they turn one.

· At home, you can clean your baby’s mouth by gently wiping their gum tissue and emerging teeth with a damp cloth. As your child develop more primary teeth, you can brush their teeth with a baby toothbrush.

· As your child grows and is able to hold a toothbrush by himself, help them develop good brushing habits by helping them clean their teeth for at least two minutes in the morning and at night.

What kind of services can your child receive at professional dental appointments?

· A thorough dental cleaning fights cavities and periodontal disease—giving your child a clean mouth to maintain until their next dental appointment.

· Some children will also benefit from fluoride treatments, which help to strengthen dental enamel and prevent dental decay.

· Professional dental appointments are opportunities for your dentist to teach your children about the importance of dental care. Our dental team works with pediatric patients to help them learn how to brush and floss correctly—these are habits that last a lifetime!

To learn more about how dentistry can help your child smile confidently for years to come, call our Elmhurst dentist office, today. At your free consultation, we’ll discuss in greater detail what family dentistry can do for your children, specifically.