Elmhurst Dentist Explains the Benefits of Starting Professional Dental Care Early in Life

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Aug 27, 2013

Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate children to go to the dentist’s office. But the effort it takes is well worth it, because starting dental care early in life can make all the difference for your smile down the road. Our Elmhurst dentist office caters specifically to kids, so that we can put them at ease and help them have exceptional dental experiences!

The first obvious benefit of pediatric dental care is that you child’s smile will be healthy and strong! Although children do have primary teeth, which fall out naturally, it is still important that their teeth and gums are healthy.

· Try to avoid premature tooth loss for children, as tooth loss hampers healthy speech development.

· Young children as well as adults need to avoid gum disease—this leads to bad breath, gum deterioration, and even loss of jawbone density. If a child suffers from untreated gum disease, this disease will persist once the child’s adult teeth emerge.

· If your child loses a tooth too early, his or her adult teeth may come in crooked, crowded, or misaligned.

Pediatric dental care is also about helping your child establish good habits that will last a lifetime.

· Many adults are afraid of professional dental care because they did not have dental care during childhood, or because they had poor experiences in the dentist’s chair. Give your children the positive dental care that they need to pursue dental care for a lifetime.

· Our dentists will help you reinforce the dental hygiene lessons that you are teaching your children at home. We encourage our young patients to develop high-quality dental habits!

Our dentist is here to help your entire family achieve their ideal smiles. So give our Elmhurst dentist office a call to learn more about the merits of pediatric dental care, and to schedule personal consultations with our friendly dental team!