Elmhurst Dentist Gives Tips on Managing The Effects of Oral Acid

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Feb 4, 2014

When your teeth come into contact with oral acids, they can begin to weaken and become cavity-prone. Rest assured, however, that there are steps that you can take to manage these effects and safeguard your teeth. Here are some tips from our Elmhurst dentist office—I hope you find this useful and applicable to your daily life!

We all deal with dental acid every day. Some of our favorite foods and drinks are some of the substances most likely to increase the effects of acid erosion: fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, and wine. Additionally, oral bacteria can create harmful acid as they feed on sugars and multiply.

Obviously, it is impossible to avoid these substances altogether. That is why our Elmhurst dentist office has prepared this explanation of steps that you can take to minimize the detrimental effects of acid.

1. First of all, try to limit the amount of time that acid is allowed to sit on your teeth. This often involves:

· Refraining from consuming acidic substances consistently throughout the day. Rather, consume these things in short sittings.

· Once you have exposed your teeth to acidic things, make sure that these substances are not allowed to sit on the teeth for long periods of time. Try rinsing your teeth with water, or brushing your teeth about a half hour after exposure.

2. Build up your enamel’s strength

· Brushing and flossing as recommended will help your enamel to stay strong and healthy.

· Your dentist may recommend additional mouth rinses/supplemental treatments that will strengthen your smile.

· Combat dry mouth, as saliva helps to remineralize your teeth.

Do you have more questions about dental health in general, or the effects of acidic substances in particular? If so, contact our Elmhurst dentist office right away to get the support and information you need!