Elmhurst Dentist Help Kids Develop Healthy Habits For Life

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on May 26, 2015

Our Elmhurst dentists are committed to helping our young patients develop good oral hygiene habits that will last into adulthood. The sooner that we start teaching pediatric patients about the importance of strong and healthy teeth, the more likely they will be to prioritize dental health in the future.

Here are some of the things that our dental team does to help our pediatric dental patients:

1. We talk to them!

Dental treatment can be anxiety provoking for young patients. But, our dental team has found that the more we explain and contextualize treatment for your youngsters, the more confident they feel. We want all of our patients to understand how preventive and restorative treatments will help them stay healthy, with beautiful smiles!

2. Provide personalized oral hygiene suggestions

We’ll break down a proper oral hygiene routine into small, easy to understand steps, so that your child can take care of his or her smile at home. From proper brushing technique, to the importance of flossing, we’ll give your children simple, easily tracked dental goals.

3. Positive reinforcement

It’s our job to show your children that the dentist is a safe and friendly partner in dental care. Our dental team is all about providing positive reinforcement—we emphasis what your child is doing right for his or her smile, and encourage them to keep it up! In this office we don’t use shame or judgment as teaching tools.

Helping pediatric dental patients develop the skills necessary to maintain beautiful smiles is one of the most important things that we do at Scharfenberg Dental. Remember, the earlier that you begin professional dental treatment for your child, the more natural it will be for them to continue on with dental care in the future. Give our Elmhurst dentists a call to schedule a consultation for your little one, today!