Elmhurst Dentist Helps Patients Recognize Problems With Aging Crowns

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jun 1, 2021

A high-quality dental restoration will last for years, even decades, before it needs to be replaced. However, at some point restorations do wear down, and when that happens, prompt restorative care can make all the difference to your oral health. That is why our Elmhurst dentists have compiled this information about aging crowns. Keep reading to learn more about some issues that may arise when your restorations are not in the best shape:

Pain & Sensitivity

If you start to notice discomfort around your dental restoration, this may be a sign that irritants are making their way past your crown/filling and into the core of your tooth. Maintaining strong and healthy restorations is about so much more than simply aesthetics—in order to protect your smile from further damage, prompt and comprehensive restorative care is needed.

Changes in Dental Alignment

Over time your restorative dental work will change and wear down. Consequently, your bite may start to shift—you might find that you are altering your bite so that your teeth come together evenly, for example. A high-quality dental restoration protects and rebuilds your tooth while creating a balanced and healthy bite surface.


Sometimes patients are actually able to see that their restorations are aging out or damaged. This is especially true when it comes to amalgam fillings—the metallic color of the filling will spread out into the tooth structure over time. With porcelain restorations or composite fillings, you are most likely to see aesthetic changes in those places where your natural tooth and restoration meet. A build-up of unsightly plaque or dental debris in these places warrants further inspection.

If you have been noticing these kinds of issues, or you simply think that your restoration has seen better days, please contact our Elmhurst dentists for a consultation. We can help you get your smile back on track!