Elmhurst Dentist Helps You Floss In The Best Way Possible

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Feb 10, 2016

Patients who floss every day often notice that their smiles feel and look fresher between professional dental appointments. So, if you have fallen behind in your flossing routine, our Elmhurst dentists strongly encourage you to get back on track!

In this short article we’re going to be giving you the information that you need in order to floss effectively. So read through the information below, and make flossing a priority in your oral hygiene routine!

Before you even begin flossing, make sure that you pick a type of floss that works well for you. You want to choose a type of floss that fits between all of your teeth, so that you can clear away as much plaque as possible. Additionally, choose a flavor of floss that you like—you’ll be more likely to use it this way!

As you are flossing, and you move from tooth to tooth, make sure to gently guide the floss down into your gum tissue. Move your floss vertically and horizontally, so that you really disrupt embedded plaque.

When you begin flossing you will cut off a long strip of floss. As you move through your mouth, use a new portion of this strip of floss between each tooth. This helps to ensure that you clean your smile effectively, and that you do not unintentionally compound floss as you move from tooth to tooth.

Now, when you start flossing again you might notice some gum sensitivity, and your gum tissue may be prone to bleeding a bit. Generally, this is nothing to worry about, and the bleeding will subside after you have been flossing regularly for a few days. If, however, you are concerned about, just give your dentist a call to get his or her recommendation.

Our Elmhurst dentists are here to help you build an oral hygiene routine that truly works for you. So call us to schedule a personal consultation!