Elmhurst Dentist Reviews Situations In Which Sedation Dentistry Is Often Used

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Dec 13, 2016

Have you been thinking about pursuing sedation dentistry? Our Elmhurst dentists are here to help you determine whether sedation is right for you. Keep reading to learn more about how and when sedation is used in our office.

As you probably already know, the goal of sedation treatment in general is to keep the patient calm and pain-free during treatment. This effect can be achieved by using a few different sedation methods including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. When you meet with our team, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what type of sedation is right for you and treatments you’re undergoing.

Sedation treatment is used to…

Help calm anxious patients

Some people get so nervous at just the thought of going to the dentist that they have trouble even getting into the dentist’s chair. Oral conscious sedation helps these types of patients feel calm and confident before their appointments. With the help of sedation dentistry you can get your smile back on track.

Achieve results faster

For people who are undergoing comprehensive or multi-phased treatment sedation can help to expedite the process. Many times, our dentists are able to complete more treatments in fewer appointments because the patient is sedated. Sedation prevents the patient from becoming fatigued and tense as quickly.

Prevent pain

Sedation dulls the patient’s pain receptors so that he or she can remain comfortable throughout the appointment—even when undergoing significant restorative or cosmetic treatments. Sedation can also ease the process when people with needle phobias need to receive local anesthesia.

As always, you can reach out to our Elmhurst sedation dentists for more information on sedation and dental treatments in general. And check out our website and information packets to get details on sedation. We look forward to working with you!