Elmhurst Dentist Reviews the Top Reasons Why Every Child Should Have Quality Professional Dental Car

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Sep 7, 2013


Maintaining a strong smile for life begins in childhood. Our Elmhurst dentist office believes that professional pediatric dental care can make a huge difference for our young patients—now and in the future. So why do we (and the American Dental Association) recommend professional pediatric dental care for all children? Read on to find out…

1. Children are not immune from oral bacteria

Children can suffer from cavities and gum disease just like adults. Plaque and tartar are constantly attacking your child’s teeth and gum tissue. Children do have primary teeth that they lose before their adult teeth come in. However, if they have existing dental disease when their adult teeth come in, that oral bacteria will attack their permanent teeth.

2. A full set of primary teeth is beneficial for your child

You want your children to have their primary teeth until their adult teeth are truly ready to emerge. Primary teeth help your child learn how to enunciate, and allow your child to eat easily. If your child loses primary teeth before their adult teeth are ready to emerge, they may consequently suffer from crowded and misaligned permanent teeth, as primary teeth also serve as placeholders for adult teeth.

3. Build high quality dental habits

Children who learn to floss, brush, and maintain regular professional dental appointments, are much more likely to keep these habits up during adulthood. Help your child build healthy habits that will last a lifetime, and show them that there is nothing to fear in the dentist’s chair!

Our Elmhurst dentist office can give you more recommendations and guidance about pediatric dental care—just give our office a call to get started. Our dentist takes special care to cater to young patients, helping to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable during treatment.