Elmhurst Dentist Talks About Why Professional Cleanings Are So Important

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jan 26, 2021

You probably already know that semi-annul professional cleanings are necessary to maintain a healthy smile. But do you know why?

This short article from our Elmhurst dentists is all about the benefits and cornerstones of professional cleaning. Read on to learn more about why the ADA recommends patients undergo professional cleanings every six months…

Identifying And Removing Tartar

Tartar is essentially bacterial plaque that wasn’t cleaned off of the patient’s dental surfaces in a timely manner. Plaque naturally hardens and turns into tartar (or calculus), thus becoming more difficult to remove. That’s where our dental team comes in! Using professional tools and technologies, we eliminate even the toughest, most hard-to-reach tartar, so that you can reclaim a clean and healthy smile.

Cleaning Thoroughly

Along with removing tartar, our team will clear away plaque and dental debris—instantly refreshing your smile. Post-cleaning you will likely notice that it is easier to maintain fresh breath, and your smile may look brighter and whiter.

Checking For Oral Cancers

Another important part of the semi-annual appointment is the oral cancer screening. Our team will check your mouth for sings of cancerous and pre-cancerous tissues. As you would imagine, early detection and treatment of oral cancers can make a huge difference when it comes to long-term prognoses. Our dentist will be looking for any sudden or unexpected changes in the color, sensitivity, and texture of tissues.

Staying On Top Of Changes & Goals

We are here to help you reach your short-term dental goals, and to make plans that allow you to achieve long-term objectives as well. Semi-annual appointments give our team an opportunity to note any changes to your oral health status, and to make personalized recommendations on the best ways to move forward.

Even if it has been years since you have seen your dental team, our Elmhurst dentists are here to help you. Please reach out to our team to learn more and to schedule a consultation.