Elmhurst Dentists Work With Young Patients To Achieve Healthy Smiles

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jan 30, 2024

If you have young kids, it is a great idea to get them started with well-thought-out dental hygiene routines right away. The sooner that pediatric patients start having great dental experiences, the more likely they are to continue on with dental care into adulthood.

When your child comes in to see our Elmhurst family dentist, we will talk with them about some of the basics of oral hygiene care. Here is a quick overview of some of the key things we stress to pediatric dental patients:

  1. Don’t skip cleanings!

This goes for at-home cleanings as well as professional dental cleanings! It is very important for children to understand that oral bacteria and plaque are always building up—day and night. This helps kids understand why they really need to clean their teeth every morning and night, even if their teeth don’t “feel” dirty.

  1. Proper brushing technique

In order to really keep your smile clean, you have to be brushing the right way! It all starts with the right tools: make sure that your toothbrush fits comfortably in your mouth so that you can clean your molars. When you are brushing your teeth, move your brush in small circular motions over the fronts and back of your enamel. Apply gentle and consistent pressure; if you brush too hard, you can actually hurt your teeth and gums.

  1. Your dentist is your partner in dental care

One of the most important things that we communicate to our pediatric patients is that we are here to help them, never to judge them. They don’t need to be afraid of coming into the dentist’s office! We can help them stay healthy and avoid painful dental problems.

We know how important pediatric dental care is—not only for the health of your child’s smile but also for developing positive associations and memories for your child. Our Elmhurst family dentists are happy to provide you with any additional information that you may need—feel free to call our office to get started!