Elmhurst Family Dentist Discusses Important Treatments For Pediatric Patients

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jul 6, 2021

Our Elmhurst pediatric dentists provide the preventive and restorative treatments that young dental patients need. It is vitally important for kids to receive high-quality, effective dental care as their smiles develop. Today we are discussing what types of treatments young patients can benefit from.

  1. Preventive cleanings

Like most adults, pediatric dental patients should undergo semi-annual professional dental cleanings. These cleanings allow our dental team to:

  • Clear away accumulated plaque and tartar, thus minimizing your child’s risk of developing cavities and gum disease
  • Recognize any emerging dental issues, so that we can proactively address them
  • Guide you through your child’s dental milestones—for example, helping you determine when your child is ready to use toothpaste with fluoride
  • Talk to your child about developing an effective at-home oral hygiene routine
  • Help your child have positive experiences in the dentist’s chair
  1. Restorative treatments

Some parents wonder why kids need restorative dental treatments since they will end up losing their primary teeth, anyway. The reality is that infections that begin in your child’s teeth can spread throughout gum and jawbone tissues. Plus, your child needs to retain his or her baby teeth in order to develop healthy speech patterns, and to eat new foods!

  1. Protective mouth guards

Many kids play sports and take part in extreme physical activities. Our Elmhurst family dentists strongly recommend that these children wear customized mouthguards when appropriate. We know from experience that it is so much better to avoid serious dental damage with mouth guards, rather than having to correct damage after the fact. Our team can fit you with a personalized, comfortable mouthguard.

Give our pediatric dental team a call if you have questions, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation for your kiddo. Help your child develop good oral hygiene habits early!