Elmhurst Family Dentist Explains How Syrijet Sedation Technology Works

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Jun 25, 2012

Elmhurst Family Dentist Explains How Syrijet Sedation Technology Works

When Laura first came in to our office she was visibly nervous. After pacing around the waiting room for a bit, she shakily took a step into the dentist’s chair and confessed to our Elmhurst dentists that she had been avoiding dental care for years because she was so anxious!


Because Laura had avoided dental care for so long, she needed some restorative work on her teeth as well as a deep cleaning with preventative treatments. We wanted to make sure that Laura felt comfortable and confident going forward with dental treatment in our office, so we explained to her that—using the latest technology—we really could keep her comfortable in the dentist’s chair.


Our Elmhurst dental office utilizes innovative Syrijet sedation technology. Syrijet technology is ideal for patients with dental anxiety, needle phobias, or for young patients who have a fear or the dentist. Syrijet technology allows our dentists to administer numbing agents easily, quickly, and comfortably.

How does Syrijet work?


The Syrijet machine administers a dose of numbing agent through a concentrated burst of air. After our dentists have numbed the area with Syrijet, we are able to administer the primary anesthetic while your mouth is already numb!


Syrijet sedation is comfortable and quiet—plus the patient doesn’t have to feel a needle as they begin treatment. No matter what your age, if you experience considerable dental anxiety, Syrijet may help you get the treatment you need!


Laura was amazed at how simple and painless her treatments were using Syrijet. Her smile has never looked better, and she now knows that there’s no reason to avoid all-important dental care due to fear or anxiety.


Give our Elmhurst cosmetic dentists a call for more information or to schedule a consultation. Our practice is especially sensitive the anxieties and concerns of patients experiencing dental phobias, so you’ll know you’re in good hands!