Elmhurst gum disease dentist explains how gum disease advances

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on May 15, 2014

Elmhurst gum disease dentist explains how gum disease advances

Gum disease is not simply something that you “catch,” and that develops overnight. Rather, gum disease develops over time, slowly taking over a patient’s smile. It is vitally important that you understand how gum disease progresses, because the sooner that you recognize and seek treatment for gum problems, the better your prognosis. Let’s learn more from our Elmhurst gum disease dentist

When gum disease first develops it is a bacterial infection of the oral tissue. That’s right—the very bacteria that threaten your dental enamel and cause cavities, can also infect your gums. In its earliest stages gum disease is often asymptomatic, but some patients do experience signs of infection, such as:

· Swollen, tender gum tissue

· Red oral tissues

· Bleeding gums—infected tissues are especially prone to bleeding when the patient is brushing, flossing, or consuming rough or abrasive foods

· Bad breath

Seek treatment as soon as you notice any of these problems; the earliest stages of gum disease are the easiest to treat. Unfortunately, many patients delay treatment. This allows the infection to take root in other portions of the mouth—including bone tissue and teeth. You may suffer from:

· Deteriorating, weakening jawbones

· Tooth loss, as teeth become infected from the root up

· Painful and unhealthy periodontal pockets

· Receding gum tissues that expose dental roots

Early intervention is key to treating periodontal disease. However, if you are currently suffering from advanced gum disease, there are effective restorative dentistry treatments that our Elmhurst dentist office can utilize to help you regain optimal oral health.

Contact our helpful dental office in order to learn more about gum disease, as well as the treatments that our team utilizes to help patients control it. We look forward to speaking with you, and helping you keep a healthy, clean mouth.