Elmhurst Pediatric Dentist Helps Children Understand The Importance Of Dental Care

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Apr 28, 2016

When young dental patients have positive dental experiences, they are more likely to continue on receiving high-quality dental care into adulthood. Our Elmhurst dentists make it a point to talk to and work with our young patients, so that they understand how to care for their smiles, and why this diligent care is so important.

Here are some of the things that we emphasize when working with pediatric dental patients:

Consistency is key!

One of the things that we really stress to young and adult patients is that it is really important to stick to a regular schedule when cleaning your teeth. Cleaning your teeth twice a day at home, and about two times a year in the dentist’s office is critical. This is because harmful bacteria are always building up and growing in your mouth!

More pressure is not better

Many children apply too much pressure to their teeth and gums when they are cleaning their teeth; it, at first glance, seems to make sense that the harder you scrub the cleaner your mouth will be! However, this kind of abrasive and aggressive cleaning can cause dental damage, like dental enamel thinning and gum tissue injury. The goal is to clean your smile with consistent, gentle pressure.

Commit to a good clean

In order to effectively remove plaque and bacteria from your smile, you have to spend some time cleaning your mouth. Here’s the goal: try to brush for at least two minutes every time that you brush. You can set a timer, listen to a song on the radio, or hum Happy Birthday to yourself 3-or-so times to help you keep track of time.

As always, our Elmhurst dentists are available to answer any additional questions that you may have. Please call our dental team when you are ready to get started!