Elmhurst Pediatric Dentist Helps Kids Develop Strong Smiles Early

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Aug 10, 2021

Our Elmhurst family dental office frequently fields questions from parents regarding pediatric dental care. Many adults wonder why pediatric dental care is necessary, how often kids should come in for dental appointments, and what kinds of treatments are recommended.

Today we are addressing these questions and more; we hope that you find this information useful!

As you know, children have primary teeth, which will fall out as their permanent teeth come in. So, if children are going to lose their baby teeth, why do they need to undergo semi-annual professional cleanings?

It is actually very important for your child to retain his or her primary teeth until they fall out naturally because…

  • Primary teeth allow your child to more easily enunciate and develop clear speech
  • Baby teeth serve as important placeholders along your child’s gum line—they maintain space for your child’s adult teeth to come in
  • Primary teeth are vital for your child as he or she expands his or her diet!

Our dental team helps young patients maintain strong smiles by:

  • Teaching them about the importance of diligent dental care
  • Helping them perfect their at-home oral hygiene routines—we are here to help you and your child choose the best dental tools to use at home
  • Clearing away accumulated plaque and tartar during their semi-annual professional dental cleanings
  • Treating cavities and gum disease
  • Providing preventive treatments when necessary, such as protective dental sealants and topical fluoride treatments

When children have positive dental experiences early in life, they are more likely to continue with healthy oral hygiene routines into adulthood. So, help your child build positive dental habits by providing them with the high-quality care they need!

To get more information, you can always contact our Elmhurst family dentists by calling our office, or by submitting your question through the Contact Us page on our website.