Elmhurst Root Canal Dentist Demystifies This Restorative Treatment

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Feb 3, 2017

We know that root canal therapy can seem overwhelming and stressful for many dental patients. Our dental team wants to help you feel well-informed and confident pursuing root canal therapy, so today we are giving you more information about why root canal is important and how it works. The more you know, the less mysterious and intimidating root canal treatment will seem!

Let’s start by talking about why a person may need to undergo root canal therapy. Root canal becomes necessary when a tooth is damaged down to the dental core—this damage may be due to infection and/or dental fracture.

The purpose of root canal therapy is to save as much of the remaining healthy tooth structure as possible. So, during treatment, our team removes the dental pulp and inner tissues, and leaves any dentin and dental enamel that is still healthy. Then, we fill and restore the tooth with customized fillings and restorations.

The only way to know for sure that your tooth requires root canal therapy is to see a dentist for an assessment. However, there are some oral health issues that may indicate that your tooth is severely damaged:

· Tooth pain—especially when your tooth is exposed to hot/cold substances or air

· Chronic bad breath—the oral bacteria that infect teeth and gums release unpleasant odors, so bad breath may be due to ongoing infections

· Visible damage—if your tooth is looking dark and discolored, or if you can see a crack or chip, it’s time to talk to your dentist about possible treatment options

Timely root canal treatment can save a tooth that would otherwise fall out or need to be pulled. Our Elmhurst dentists are here to help you get the treatment that you need, precisely when you need it. Give us a call to get started!