Elmhurst Root Canal Dentist Discusses How And Why This Treatment Becomes Necessary

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Feb 6, 2024

Our Elmhurst root canal dentists have found that many patients are anxious or fearful about the prospect of root canal therapy. We promise it doesn’t need to be this way! Once you get a better idea of how root canal works, and when it becomes necessary, you will be able to feel more confident undergoing treatment. Keep reading to learn more… 

Why Root Canals Become Necessary

Root canal therapy treats the inner core of a damaged tooth. This includes dental pulp, sensitive nerves, and tooth roots. When a tooth is so severely infected or fractured that the dental core is harmed, our dentist uses root canal therapy to clear away those dental tissues that are beyond saving. The treatment goal is to as save much of the healthy tooth structure as possible.

What To Look Out For

There are a number of commonly experienced symptoms that can indicate root canal therapy is necessary. If, for example, you notice…

  • tooth pain
  • jaw pain
  • new spots of brown or gray discoloration
  • receding gum tissue
  • chronic bad breath (halitosis)

…then it is time to contact your dental team to schedule a consultation. The sooner that dental damage is addressed, the better your long-term prognosis. Timely treatment is key! 

General Treatment Process 

During root canal therapy, our dentist will first remove any dental enamel or dentin that is damaged or infected. Then, we’ll drill into the core of the tooth to clear away nerves, tissues, and tooth roots. At this point, only healthy tooth structure remains.

In the second half of treatment, our team fills the hollowed-out tooth before restoring it with a custom crown. At the end of this process you will have a tooth that looks and feels whole again. 

That’s it! Thanks to advancements in modern dental treatment, a root canal doesn’t have to be any more inconvenient or uncomfortable than getting a traditional crown. Learn more by contacting our Elmhurst dental team through our website or by phone!