Elmhurst Root Canal Dentist Talks About The Treatment Process

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Dec 19, 2023

Restorative dental treatments, like root canal therapies, can be intimidating for many of our dental patients. We totally understand this, which is why our Elmhurst dentists are so committed to providing our patients with the information and support that they need to reclaim oral health. Today’s short article is all about the mechanics of root canal therapy. We hope that this information helps you feel prepared and empowered in case of a dental emergency.

Why Root Canals Are Necessary

The goal of root canal therapy is to remove the inner core of a diseased or damaged tooth. This part of the tooth is the most sensitive and vulnerable because it includes dental pulp, nerves, and roots. By getting rid of these components of your tooth, you can save dentin and enamel that would otherwise be lost.

What To Look Out For

Timely treatment is important when it comes to root canal therapy. The types of infections and damage that we treat can spread and get worse if you wait too long. That is why our team strongly encourages our patients to stay alert for signs of infection or dental damage, including:

  • tooth sensitivity/pain
  • jaw pain
  • visible gray or brown spots on enamel
  • bad breath
  • chronic unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • damaged gum tissue 

The Treatment Process   

If you do notice any of the aforementioned oral health problems, our team will begin by completing a thorough oral health assessment. X-ray images, in particular, help us see how far and how deep an infection has spread.

Once we understand the extent of the damage, it’s time to start removing unsalvageable material. We first remove any dental enamel or dentin that is compromised.  Then we drill into the center of the tooth to, essentially, hollow it out.

At this point, we are left with only tooth portions that are healthy and stable. To finish treatment, we sterilize the tooth, fill it, and then cap it with a custom restoration. 

As you can see, root canal therapy serves a vital role in the world of restorative dentistry. To learn more about your treatment options, please reach out to our Elmhurst root canal dentists for more information and support!