Elmhurst Root Canal Dentist Uses Root Canal Therapy To Save Damaged Smiles

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Dec 17, 2013

For many patients, root canal therapy may seem like an unappealing dental treatment option. However, this treatment can actually help a patient retain his or her natural teeth, and avoid unsightly, and costly, tooth loss. That is why our Elmhurst root canal dentist office aims to educate patients about how root canal treatment works—the more you know, the better you will be able to recognize the benefits of root canal therapy.

If you require root canal therapy, your smile has sustained a pretty significant level of damage. Maybe you have a dental cavity that has worked its way to the core of your tooth. Perhaps you sustained a dental injury that cracked or fractured an otherwise healthy tooth. No matter what the specifics of the situation, you will require root canal therapy if your tooth is damaged down to the dental core (where the dental nerves, blood vessels, and oral tissues are housed).

In order to restore this tooth, stop any oral pain, and allow your tooth to function again, our dentist will perform root canal therapy. All this means is that we will clear out the existing nerves, blood vessels, and tissues in your dental core, and replace them with an inert substance. We will then close your tooth with a dental restoration, so that you can still eat, drink, and speak normally (and without pain!).

If you were to avoid root canal therapy all together, it is likely that your tooth, and your overall smile, would continue to deteriorate. Without root canal treatment you would suffer from tooth loss, and maybe even gum and bone tissue deterioration.

So while root canal therapy may initially seem like a daunting or confusing proposition, the truth is that this important treatment can save your smile. Call our Elmhurst root canal dentist office to learn more about this treatment, and other restorative dentistry options.