Elmhurst Sedation Dentist Answers Your Questions About Oral Conscious Sedation

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on May 21, 2013

Sedation dentistry has revolutionized dental care for many patients—allowing people to get the care they need without fear. Many patients, however, have important questions about sedation dentistry, and they don’t feel comfortable moving forward until they get the answers they need. Well that’s why we’re here! Today our Elmhurst sedation dentists are answering your questions about oral conscious sedation…

Q: What is the oral conscious sedation process like?

A: The oral conscious sedation process begins when you’re at home. About an hour before you come in for your dental appointment, you’ll take a pill. And then, by the time you come in for your appointment, you’ll already feel at ease (remember, you will need someone to drive you to your appointment!). You will also need someone to drive you home after your appointment, because you won’t fully come out of sedation until you’re back home.

Q: What kind of pill do you take with oral conscious sedation?

A: The medication used for oral conscious sedation is called Triazolam. This effective medication makes patients feel calm and keeps them comfortable in the dentist‘s chair.

Q: How does Triazolam affect patients’ consciousness?

A: With oral conscious sedation, you will be conscious throughout treatment, but Triazolam will keep you from experiencing anxiety during treatment. This medication also makes it so that you will not remember much of your treatment process once you’re home! Because Triazolam is a powerful sedative, you will need someone—a friend or family member—to help you before your dental appointment and directly after.

Oral conscious sedation has revolutionized dental care for many patients with dental phobia. Our Elmhurst sedation dentist office is proud to offer this treatment option to our patients, and we would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about how oral conscious sedation works! Give us a call to get started!