Elmhurst Sedation Dentist Helps Anxious Patients Get Vital Dental Treatment

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Nov 19, 2013

Our Elmhurst dentists believe that every patient—regardless of dental anxiety—should be able to achieve a stellar smile. That is why we are so committed to helping people conquer their fears with sedation and relaxation dentistry treatments. If you’re ready to take control of your dental fears, keep reading!

Dental fear is surprisingly common among adult and young patients. There are a number of ameliorative treatments and therapies that can help you face dental treatment feeling confident and comfortable.

Our office offers an innovative sedation dentistry therapy that uses natural treatments to bring your stress levels down. We call this option Dental Spa Therapy, and it is so relaxing, that you may forget that you’re undergoing dental treatment all together! Dental Spa Therapy combines acupressure, aromatherapy, massage therapy, calming music, and chiropractic treatments to put you at ease.

Our dentist can also administer nitrous oxide to calm you as you begin treatment. Nitrous oxide, which is often called “laughing gas,” is a quick, safe, and easy way to feel calm and relaxed. Nitrous oxide requires no additional medications or steps to reverse the effects of laughing gas post-treatment.

Another sedation option is called oral conscious sedation. This treatment option involves taking a small pill before you come in to the dentist’s office. This pill will make you feel calm and at ease before you even enter the dentist’s office. Oral conscious sedation can be used to help many different types of patients pursuing various dental treatments.

When you contact our Elmhurst sedation dentist office, we will get to know you and your level of dental anxiety. Then we can recommend what type of sedation treatments may be useful for you. To get started, feel free to call our dentist, or contact our office online, and we will get you on the path to a healthy, beautiful smile!