Elmhurst Sedation Dentist Reviews the Benefits of Dental Spa Therapy for Anxious Dental Patients

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Apr 7, 2013

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you’ve probably thought about whether sedation dental treatments may help you out. Our Elmhurst dentist office is proud to offer sedation treatments—like nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation—as well as a more natural approach to relaxation dentistry, called Spa Dental Therapy!

Today we’re going to be talking about how Dental Spa Therapy works, and what it can do for you. Read on to learn more about this exciting dental option!

Dental Spa Therapy provides a complete sensory experience for the dental patient. The goal of Dental Spa Therapy is to help patients relax and stay completely comfortable during treatment. So how does it work?

Dental Spa Therapy combines a number of different non-invasive therapies to provide an optimal experience for the patient. Any of these treatments may be used in combination to help relieve anxiety and support healthy dentistry.

· Acupressure

· Aromatherapy

· Soothing Massage

· Chiropractic Treatments

· Music Therapy

· Natural Medicine and Supplements

You’ll feel relaxed as soon as you start a session of Dental Spa Therapy. Our Spa Therapy space is designed with soothing amenities and calming lighting to put you at ease right away.

Spa Dental Therapy is not only relaxing; it also provides additional health benefits for many patients. For example, regular Spa Dental Therapy can help to:

· Lower elevated blood pressure and heart rates

· Support wellness and strengthen immunity through natural treatments

· Minimize the inflammatory response in the body

Relaxing Spa Dental Therapy is a unique and effective treatment option offered by our Elmhurst dentist office. To learn more about how Spa Dental Therapy can help you, give our dentists a call today. We will help you determine whether Spa Dental Therapy is right for you at your first consultation!