Elmhurst TMJ Dentist Helps Minimize Chronic Jaw Dysfunction

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on May 19, 2015

Elmhurst TMJ Dentist Helps Minimize Chronic Jaw Dysfunction

If you suffer from TMJ disorder, then you probably already know how damaging this condition can be. TMJ dysfunction no only causes persistent pain and discomfort; it can also lead to limited jaw mobility and substantial joint deterioration.

Patients who notice signs of TMJ disorder should reach out to a health care provider as soon as they see warning signs of TMJ problems. Our Elmhurst TMJ dentists utilize an effective protocol to help TMJ sufferers find relief and minimize further damage.

Before we can effectively treat your TMJ problems, our dental team will complete a thorough assessment of your oral and jaw health. This assessment will help us determine exactly how and why your jaw joint is damaged and/or inflamed. Using the information that we glean from this evaluation we can craft a treatment plan for you.

In order to relieve some of the pressure on your jaw, our dental team will likely craft a personalized oral appliance for you to wear. This appliance will guide your jaw into a health position, so that your temporomandibular joint is able to relax.

While pain medications, hold and cold compresses, and jaw stretching exercises can be ameliorative in the short term, it is vitally important that you seek TMJ treatment that addresses the root cause of your dysfunction. The mouthpieces that our dental team utilizes do not just mask TMJ symptoms; they actually work to address the underlying causes of jaw damage.

You’ll find that the TMJ treatment process is comfortable and collaborative in our Elmhurst dental office. We will work with you every step of the way to codify a TMJ treatment plan that fits your life and your oral health needs. So if you have been noticing jaw problem sin your own life, do yourself a favor and give our friendly team a call. Your future jaw will thank you!