Elmhurst TMJ Dentist Helps People Overcome Chronic TMJ Dysfunction

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Feb 8, 2016

If your temporomandibular joint is functioning well, you’ll probably never even think about it. But as soon as TMJ dysfunction rears its ugly head, it may become tough to think about anything else.

This is because your temporomandibular joints are so essential to your daily functioning. Every time that you chew, speak, and smile, you are relying on your TMJ.

You might start to experience TMJ dysfunction because:

· You have sustained a traumatic jaw injury

· You suffer from bite misalignment, which makes it difficult for you to chew normally

· You are dealing with bruxism—chronic dental grinding and clenching—which puts pressure on your TMJ

· Your TMJ simply becomes inflamed and swollen due to joint slippage

Pain management measures, like painkillers, can help to alleviate discomfort in the short term. However, these solutions do not address the root cause of TMJ dysfunction; they do not help you to avoid future damage and pain. TMJ disorder is a chronic disorder; it demands a thoughtfully planned treatment solution.

Our Elmhurst TMJ dentists help patients overcome TMJ problems with custom-fit TMJ oral appliances. These oral appliances guide the patient’s jaw joints into better positions, in order to relieve pressure on your TMJ. The patient wears his or her TMJ appliance at night, in order to allow the TMJ to rest.

These oral appliances not only alleviate TMJ symptoms in the short-term; they also help you minimize your risk of future TMJ dysfunction. Plus, these oral appliances are completely drug and needle free treatment options.

Don’t let TMJ issues derail your life! Our Elmhurst TMJ dentists can give you all of the information and guidance that you need in order to manage TMJ disorder for the long-term. Give us a call, or use the Contact Us page on our website to learn more and get started.