Elmhurst TMJ Dentist Helps You Minimize Risk Of Extensive TMJ Damage

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Feb 17, 2015

When your temporomandibular joints are damaged, it can lead to all sorts of inconveniences and health problems. Our Elmhurst TMJ dentists are proud to provide the treatments that TMJ patients need to overcome these issues. Keep reading to learn more about common TMJ-related problems, and how we address them.

Because you need to use your temporomandibular joints every single day, you’re certainly going to notice if these joints are not working correctly. Damage and inflammation may lead to:

· Pain in the temporomandibular joints, this may be especially acute when you move your jaw, or when you start moving after your jaw has been immobile for awhile. Although pain killers may temporarily minimize this pain, your jaw may actually become more damaged as a result, because you can’t feel what types of movements are hurting your jaw.

· A popping or clicking sensation when you speak or chew—this may actually be your jaw popping out of the joint

· Jaw stiffness and/or immobility—over time TMJ can intensify and actually make it difficult for you the open your mouth all the day. You might have trouble biting, chewing, cleaning your smile, and even speaking

· Inflammation and swelling on the side of your face—this may be visible, or you might just be able to feel that the area is tender and swollen

· Bite misalignment—TMJ can change the way that your teeth fit together, so that your bite is no longer functioning well

Our Elmhurst TMJ dentists provide the simple and effective treatments that patients need to minimize these issues, and hopefully avoid more serious jaw damage in the future. Customized mouthpieces help TMJ patients achieve healthy jaw alignment, and support their jaw joints.

If you are suffering from TMJ issues, our dental team is here for you. So give us a call to schedule a consultation!