Elmhurst Veneers Dentist Reviews How Veneers are Customized to Enhance the Patient’s Individual Smil

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on May 14, 2013


No two smiles are exactly the same, and cosmetic dentistry treatments shouldn’t make your smile look generic or one-size-fits-all. That’s why our Elmhurst cosmetic dentists are so happy to offer personalized veneers to our patients—this cosmetic treatment will improve the appearance of your smile, while ensuring that it still looks uniquely yours! Read on to learn how this is possible…

Veneers are thin porcelain restorations that cover existing teeth to make them look clean, young, and fresh. Veneers are used to correct a number of cosmetic dental problems, like:

· Damaged or chipped enamel

· Dark/stained teeth

· Gaps between teeth

· Misaligned teeth

To make sure that your post-veneers smile looks naturally yours, your veneers will be personalized to suit you…

The size of your veneers will vary depending on the size of your natural teeth, and the specific tooth/space that your veneer is supposed to correct. So if, for example, you’d like to close a gap in your smile, your veneers can be crafted to be a little wider in order to fill the space between your teeth.

The shade or color of your veneers can either be designed to match your natural teeth, or if you’re interested in whitening your entire smile, they can be shaded to match your post-teeth whitening smile.

The exact shape of your veneer will be determined by your natural tooth shape and your desired aesthetic result. If you want your teeth to appear rounder or more proportionate, dental veneers can help you do that.

As you can see dental veneers are ideal cosmetic restorations, because they are designed to suit each individual patient. If you want a stunning smile that still looks natural, take the time to consider porcelain veneers. Give our Elmhurst veneers dentists a call to get started today!