Elmhurst Veneers Dentist Transforms Small and Irregular Teeth With Cosmetic Veneers

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Mar 19, 2014

No one knows more about your smile than you do. Once you have identified what you would like to improve about your smile, our Elmhurst cosmetic dentist office is here to help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals. One cosmetic option that helps many patients is dental veneers treatment. Today we are going to be talking more about the ways in which dental veneers alter smiles.

When a patient picks dental veneers, he or she is choosing a dental treatment that can accomplish a number of aesthetic goals all at once. Do you want to improve any of these aspects of your teeth?

· Make discolored dental enamel appear bright, white, and fresh

· Close the appearance of gaps between your teeth without using traditional orthodontic treatments

· Improve the appearance of misaligned or crooked teeth

· Make disproportionate teeth appear ideally sized and balanced

· Correct damaged dental enamel—because veneers completely cover existing teeth, they can mask all sorts of structural flaws

· Make narrow smiles look wider and more attractive

Dental veneers are exceptionally simple in their design. These thin porcelain restorations are attached to the patient’s teeth in order to permanently transform his or her smile. This process is comfortable and quick (most patients see full results in just two or three dental appointments).

Our dental team will discuss your particular dental needs with you when you come into our office for a consultation. We will help you determine how effective dental veneers may be for your unique needs. In general, however, cosmetic patients with healthy smiles are usually strong candidates for cosmetic veneers.

We have all the information you need about this treatment and other cosmetic options. All you have to do is contact our Elmhurst dentist office by phone or through our website in order to get started right away!