Fast and Easy Dental Treatments Explained By Elmhurst Dentists

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on May 17, 2011

Many dental patients come to our Elmhurst dentists because they want to improve their smiles quickly and easily. Our dental team provides a number of treatments that fit the bill. Keep reading to get the details on some of the effective and efficient treatments that we offer.

Professional teeth whitening

If you have stained or dark enamel, professional dental whitening treatments may be able to refresh and brighten your teeth. This treatment involves our dental team applying a topical whitening formulation to your teeth. As this formulation sits, it activates and lifts discoloration from the dental enamel.

Many dental patients achieve full results after just one treatment. If, however, you want to further whiten your teeth, we can repeat the treatment until you are happy with the whiteness of your smile.

Professional dental whitening is a topical treatment; it is non-invasive and comfortable for the patient to undergo. Sometimes people report some dental sensitivity right after whitening, but this subsides quickly.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is a treatment that is used to restore teeth and to achieve cosmetic results. By applying dental resin to your real teeth, our dentist can make your smile look whiter, brighter, straighter, and more seamless. We can also fill in dental cracks, and rebuild chipped away portions of teeth.

Dental bonding is completed, from start to finish, in just one appointment. With bonding you can truly transform your smile in a matter of hours.

Once the dental resin that we apply to your teeth has cured, it is hard, sturdy, and visually similar to natural enamel. Plus, dental resin is shaded to match the patient’s enamel color for seamless results.

As you can see, you can make major improvements to your smile in a very short period of time. Our Elmhurst dentists can give you all of the information that you need when you come in for your consultation!