Get The Basics Of Pediatric Dentistry From Our Elmhurst Family Dentist

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Nov 28, 2023

High-quality pediatric dental treatment is important for young people. Early dental care can help your child build a strong oral health foundation from which she will benefit for her entire life.

Our Elmhurst family dentists know that pediatric dental care can make a big difference in the short and long-term health of a patient’s smile. Keep reading to learn more about the basics of dental care for children…

The first reason that kids should be following a proper daily oral hygiene routine and completing professional cleanings is to minimize the child’s risk of suffering from cavities and gum disease. Now, as we know, children will lose their primary teeth and develop a new set of adult teeth as they age. However, the patient’s gum tissue and jawbone tissue are not similarly replaced—any oral infections that have taken root in the gums or jaws will persist and put permanent teeth at risk.

You also want to emphasize oral hygiene with your child so that he has the opportunity to learn how to care for his smile before his adult teeth come in. A dental patient who learns how to brush and floss properly as a child is much more likely to carry these habits into adulthood than a child who does not benefit from pediatric dental care. Help your child develop oral hygiene habits that will serve him well for years to come.

Pediatric dental care is also focused on addressing emerging oral health problems before they become more serious and cause damage. Don’t let a cavity or gum infection in your child’s mouth go unchecked; your child will likely experience pain and lengthier treatment times in the future if these problems are not addressed promptly.

Our Elmhurst pediatric dentists are all about working with our young patients and empowering them to care for their smiles with pride. Childhood is the perfect time to learn how to brush and floss properly, and to develop a positive association with the dentist so as to hopefully avoid dental anxiety in the future!