Get The Facts On Root Canal Therapy In This Q & A With Our Elmhurst Dentist

Written by Dr. Scharfenberg on Feb 21, 2023

The root canal has obtained something of a reputation among dental patients. Many people are under the impression that root canals are painful, stressful, and treatments to be feared. The truth, however, is that root canals can truly be smile-saving when completed in a timely manner. If you want to learn more about root canal therapy, keep reading this short Q & A from our Elmhurst dentist.

Q: Why do I even need a root canal?

A: If your dentist recommends that you undergo root canal therapy, it is because at least one of your teeth has been damaged down to the core/the root of the tooth. At this point, our team will remove the damaged material in order to save any remaining healthy tooth structure. During root canal therapy our team removes the inner material of the tooth including the roots. We then clean and restore the tooth with a dental crown.

Q: What does it feel like to receive a root canal?
A: Patients report that undergoing root canal therapy is very similar to receiving a normal filling. Additionally, our team provides a number of sedation and pain-management solutions to help anxious patients get the treatments that they need.

Q: How long does root canal therapy take to complete?

A: Many times, root canal treatment can be completed in just one appointment. After your tooth has been treated and cleaned we will fill the tooth and cap it with a restoration. There is very little downtime associated with root canal therapy; you’ll find that you’ll be able to jump back into your daily routine in no time.

If you want more information about root canal therapy, or any other restorative dentistry treatments, our Elmhurst root canal dentists are here to help. Give us a call, or use the Contact Us page on our site in order to get started! And remember, the sooner that you seek restorative treatment, the better your long-term dental prognosis.